December 5, 2005

Karangan bahasa inggeris oleh seorang budak tadika.

Semalam aku jumpa sorang budak tadika. Dia kata dia nak tolong aku update blog harini. So aku kasik can la kat dia. Tapi supaya lebih mencabar minda, aku soh dia tulis bahasa omputeh dan bayangkan diri dia sebagai aku...

Good afternoon everybody. I am Sekapal. Today is Monday. Every Monday i always update what i did during the weekend. On saturday, my gelpren and i went to attend my boss punya open house. We ate rice, chicken and meat. The waters are orange and sarsi. We drank both because both delicious. The rice is also delicious. My gelpren said i should learn how to cook the rice because she likes it.

That night we went to watch movie. First we went to KLCC, but TGV ticket counter is closed because there is private event. Then we bengang and went to Berjaya Times Square. We wanted to watch Harry Potter again. But the ticket only have at 12.00 midnight. So after wasting time at the counter, we bought ticket to watch Aeonflux. I ekceli don't know the story, and we went into the cinema box late about few minutes. So we miss the cakap2 at the beginning. That's why we kinda lost source. So we only wash eyes watching Charlize Theron in black hair. She is very sexy. I think her body is almost perfect. Long legs are very nice. The story is ekceli not so good. But great if you want to wash eyes watching beautiful heroin.

Yesterday we went to wedding niece-cousin my gelpren. The food is also nice. I ate a lot. At night my gelpren and i went to eat2 outside. We are both trying to take very little carbohydrate. Our weight is increasing. We ate at one sushi shop. The meal is nice. I ate fish and crab. She also ate fish and crab. Then we both ate vegetable. The waiter is so soggy we waited for many minutes. However the meal is delicious and berbaloi waiting. After that i drove back to our house. We had a happy day. We are very happy. Thank you my gelpren. I love you very much!

muehkehkeh..Sesapa terasa nak jadik che'egu tadika, tolong la bagi markah kat karangan ni ye. Timacih.